Alphabet worksheets for kids

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Alphabet worksheets are great for preschool reading, specially when it comes to phonics. Phonics enable the child to read through words and pages and will also help in fast reading and fluent reading. Comprehension helps in studying. How to teach alphabet is most important, as this form the basics of the childs learning and reading. Beginning with alphabet recognition and with the beginning sounds is foremost thing to be practised for the preschoolers.

Alphabet worksheets will help preschool aged kids learn the alphabet by learning to recognize words that start with each letter. Alphabet worksheets can be used to identify the words that start with the each letter of the alphabet from a list of words. Circle the pictures of the things that start with the appropriate letter out will help in getting introduced to phonics.

There are many ways which can be used to teach the alphabets to the kids. One is the traditional way of telling the name of the alphabet and asking the child to write the letter. There are numerous phonics software which can be used to teach the sound of the alphaets. One better way is to use the worksheets, in which there can be many types. Once is recognising the alphabet and circling the alphabet. Another is finding out the picture starting with the alphabet. The other method is colouring. In all these, the child will be accompanied with parent or teacher which will be more interactive and interesting for the child to learn in a better way.

Teaching phonics to the kids using the alphabet worksheets will be easier than that of any other method. Working with worksheets will make the child use their hands, eyes and ear. This makes them learn faster. With the worksheets, it is always done with the presence of parent or teacher. So the child gets involved more easily in learning when they are accompanied with either parent or teacher.

When doing the worksheet, it is parents or teacher's responsibility to tell the sound of the word that they are being worked on. This is more important. When the child learns the sound of an alphabet rather than the name of the alphabet , it is always easier for them to start reading words.

Vowels can also be introdued when doing alphabets worksheets, which gives a sense in teaching the alphabets.

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